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Restaurant Omah Sendok

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 Restaurant Omah Sendok, a exciting place for Indonesian Culinary

Restaurant Omah Sendok will astonish you with our exciting Indonesian Culinary selection.  Many of our cuisines are the rarely found in Jakarta.  Restaurant Omah Sendok is the place for your Indonesian culinary experience. The Cuisine are preserve a historic recipes as well story. Soto Tangkar is on of our best selling cuisine.


 The other cuisine that is always ordered by new customer: Iga bakar Sapi Restaurant Omah Sendok. This Iga Bakar Sapi often get sold out. The tenderness of beef ribs marinated in Indonesian Spices and bake to perfection with sweet soy sauce is always grabing your tongue.


Restaurant Omah Sendok with Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

The best reason number 2 why you have to visit Restaurant Omah Sendok is its indoor and outdoor facilities. If you want a relax mood in the garden lets have a tea time in our graden. Restaurant Omah Sendok has a nice garden with lots of trees to cool down and make you feel cozy.

 Restaurant Omah Sendok

Restaurant Omah Sendok

Let’s take a look to indoor facilities. Restaurant Omah Sendok has a wonderful homey environment. Feel like at your cozy home. We have two private room for your private meeting or gatherting. The big open dinning hall is also available for your event.


 Restuarant Omah Sendok can be reseved for your event

Wedding party, engagement reception, Birthday, anniversary, gathering, company meeting or just hang out. please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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