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Omah Sendok with Indonesian Culinary | Kuliner Indonesia

Omah Sendok is a garden restaurant at senopati – south Jakarta – Indonesia serving Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia.  Omah Sendok, as Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia is famous with Soto Tangkar.  Soto Tangkar is the Indonesian heritage cuisine with historical story from Dutch colonisation era. Omah Sendok preserve its original taste and serve it with delicacy.

soto tangkar, soto tangkar daging, omah sendok

Omah sendok has many Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia that will entertain your taste bud, such as Bestik Jawa. This cuisine is also heritage of Dutch Colonial, It is one of the food to die for.


Omah Sendok also has the famous Sop Buntut or Oxtail Soup. This Oxtail Soup is Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia that Omah Sendok cooked it different than other, you should try it, rich in flavour and tender meet, yummy has more than ever.


Omah Sendok has more Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia such as: Iga Bakar Kuah Solo, Bandeng Priyayi, Gurame Bakar, Sate Ponorogo and many more, see our food galleries

Omah Sendok also serving Snacks of Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia


Omah Sendok with snacks of Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia. The crunchier Tahu Cocol will make you hypnotised to continue eating it until last bite on the plate. Many customer order more after 1 plate.  This was happened many times that our Tahu Cocol is really a gather snack. How about Asinan Omah is also a refresh assorted raw vegetables in special peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is really superb.


Omah Sendok also has Lumpia Omah. This lumpia is small but big in taste, for sure it will excite your tongue for more and more. Trust me, it will make you addicted.



Omah Sendok with Dessert of Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia

Omah Sendok is never let you leave our place with out trying our dessert.  Dessert of Indonesian Culinary | kuliner Indonesia will give you finished touch. Wedang Ronde, Kue Pancong, Bubur Sumsum and Pisang Karamel will sure make your journey after Omah more sweet than ever.

wedang-ronde kue-pancong bubur sum sum omah sendok

Omah Sendok is also has an authentic beverages

Omah Sendok understand your need of good drink as well refreshing one like Es Remuk Mango Mint, Es Remuk Green tea.  How about hot beverages like tea and coffee?

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