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restoran indonesia di senopati

Omah Sendok, Restoran Indonesia di Senopati

Omah Sendok, restoran Indonesia di Senopati with many of features. First, the location is at the hearth of Jakarta. Second, restoran Indonesia di Senopati serving Indonesian culinary with lots of choice. Third, Omah Sendok has indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate your event. Fouth, the only garden restaurant with mini swimming pool in South Jakarta. Fifth, Omah Sendok has friendly service just like at home.


Restoran Indonesia di Senopati – South Jakarta

Omah Sendok is at prime location in South Jakarta near your activity place. Restoran Indonesia di Senopati is easily reach by your colleagues and family. Our location is very near to SCBD, Pacific Place, Block M, Senayan, Kuningan See our Map. Restoran Indonesia di senopati is in distance to your activity place; business, offices. It is a perfect meeting get away with your clients. Our relax environment will suit your lunch, dinner or tea time with Indonesian selected culinary.


Restoran Indonesia di Senopati – Kuliner Indonesia

Omah Sendok, restoran Indonesia di senopati is the place for Indonesian simple food. The taste profile is daily familiar taste. The recipes are generation to generation from the owner of the restoran Indonesia di senopati. This heritage of taste are always kept the same delicious as its originalities. Omah Sendok is serving the famous meal such as:  Soto Tangkar, Gado-Gado, Nasi Ulam, Sop Buntut, Nasi Goreng Buntut, Mie Goreng, Sate Ayam dan masih banyak lainya. Look for our food photo


Restoran Indonesia di Senopati – with Indoor – Outdoor

Omah Sendok has indoor and outdoor dinning that will suite your event. Indoor facilities with two private room and a large dinning hall for gathering. look for our indoor facility. Restoran Indonesia di senopati also has outdoor dinning. The relaxing garden with mini swimming pool. Many of our customer choose to enjoy our garden for tea time and evening dinner. Feel the cozy relaxing garden with wind breeze and gurgling sound of water, we are making your dinning experience memorable and fun. Look for our outdoor facility.


Restoran Indonesia di Senopati – Garden Swimming Pool

Omah Sendok, the only restoran Indonesia di senopati has garden with mini swimming pool. This mini swimming pool is often used by the children for their fun event. The swimming pool is located at the middle of Omah Sendok outdoor facility. Having in the center, allowing parents to easily watch their children. Many of birthday event for kids were celebrated with the pool side. Exciting, a fun and creative event for your beloved children at restoran Indonesia di senopati.


Restoran Indonesia di Senopati – Pelayanan Ramah

Omah Sendok has serving many customers since we were opened, Many of customers feel right with our homey friendly serving. It is a spontaneous service just like at home.  Courtesy with humble and sincerity.